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Breathable Package & Material Testing

Breathable Package & Material Testing

Guarantee the Right Breathable Material Selections for Your Package

High transmission (or breathable) materials are challenging materials to accurately and repeatedly analyze for barrier performance. These breathable materials require controlled environmental conditions to make proper OTR/WVTR permeation measurements in order to make the right barrier selection for your application.

Are you capable of accurately measuring the permeability of your breathable films & packages?

At AMETEK MOCON, we’ve developed specialized equipment for characterizing breathable materials and breathable packages. Our PERMATRAN-W 101K and our OX-TRAN 2/12 T offer the highest transmission rate measurement capabilities in the industry. They are routinely used to measure the oxygen and water vapor permeability of medical bandages and diapers.

Since our inception in 1966, AMETEK MOCON has worked with leading manufacturers of breathable films and breathable packages to measure permeability.

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