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Specialty Film Permeation Testing

Specialty Film Permeation Testing

Test Your Specialty Films to Meet Precise Specifications

Do you need gas permeation testing of a specialty material, but conventional permeation film testers cannot accommodate your sample? Permeation testing of lower viscosity materials such as low MW polymers, lotions, and bitumen require more creative approaches than your standard film tester. For instance, do you need to determine the OTR of contact lenses or hydrogels?

We at AMETEK MOCON have the instruments, experts and engineers needed to make your specialty material permeation analysis accurately and precisely. For over 50 years, we have devised creative test methods to quantify barrier characteristics across many material classes. Being pioneers in permeation technology for over 50 years, we have helped many industries with their challenging specialty “films”.

Consult with our testing services to determine the optimal testing approach for your material. This in conjunction with the world’s leading permeation instrumentation and our custom engineering capabilities for specialty sample cartridges will allow you to optimize your material’s design.

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