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Surface Logging Analysis

Surface Logging Analysis

Optimize Your Industrial Process Analysis & Control

In oil and gas exploration, time is money, and the industry requires the continuous collection of data for quick decision making in order to maximize drilling performance. Rapid and accurate gaseous concentration measurements are a priority whether is it the analysis of formation gases, LEL monitoring for safety, or alkene detection to avoid drill-bit breakage.

AMETEK MOCON’s PetroAlert® analyzers have been used by surface loggers for more than 40 years to provide qualitative and quantitative hydrocarbon measurements. The PetroAlert 9100 GC provides C1-C5 concentrations in less than 30 seconds using a flame ionization detector, with options to add additional compounds such as alkenes. The 9100 combined with the Baseline 9000 Total Gas analyzer can be found on hundreds of exploration or production wells throughout the world. A recent addition to the PetroAlert is the 9200 dual detector GC which can provide two simultaneous GC analyses or add a total gas measurement to the GC application.

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