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Breathable Film Testing

Breathable Film Testing

Packaging that Breathes Requires Accurate Testing

Barriers today are growing in complexity and capability. Keeping pace with world innovations requires key functional materials that allow for high oxygen and water vapor transmission rates. Breathable materials are the most challenging materials to accurately and repeatedly analyze, due to the controlled set-up required.

Your challenge is to develop breakthrough packaging technology to meet the increasingly strict health standards to eliminate recalls. You need analytical tools with the highest performance, giving accurate results for the support your needs.

At AMETEK MOCON, we help you answer this call by providing you with the data needed to make informed improvements to your packaging. We’ve developed specialized equipment for characterizing breathable materials. Our PERMATRAN-W 101K and our OX-TRAN 2/12 T offer the highest transmission rate capabilities in the industry. They are routinely used to measure the permeability of produce films, medical bandages, diapers, and more.

Since 1966 we have worked with breathable packaging manufacturers, suppliers, laboratory facilities and research institutions to accurately and repeatedly measure the permeation rates of their films.

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