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Ultra-high Barrier Film Testing

Ultra-high Barrier Film Testing

Analyze Your Ultra-High Barriers to Accurately Meet Specifications

Barrier films used in packaging today are growing in complexity and capability. Waste reduction, cost minimization, and sustainability needs shape the macro future of packaging films.

For ultrahigh barriers, that are often transparent, and used in solar panels, fuel cells and OLEDs, the challenge is to create extreme barrier protection while continuing to ride these macro trends.

At AMETEK MOCON, our high performance line of permeation analyzers routinely make accurate and repeatable oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) measurements on seemingly impermeable barriers.  We are able to reach ultra-low OTR and WVTR detection limits so you can accurately predict the O2 and H2O exposure your products will experience, and ultimately your products usable life.

We have worked with multi-layer and complex film converters for decades to help ensure quality in these high barriers. Whether oxygen or water vapor, our Permeation Analyzers have the lowest limits of detection and the best repeatability specification in the market ensuring your new barrier films are designed to specification.

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