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Fugitive Emission Monitoring

Fugitive Emission Monitoring

Protect & Save with Fugitive Emission Monitoring

Continuous fence-line monitoring around industrial activities is important to prevent not only health hazards to the public but also lost product from leaks and unintended emissions. Chemical facilities and refineries utilize many different compounds during their operation, stored in tanks or created as a byproduct, and fugitive emissions can affect both their product quality and the safety of their personnel even at very low levels. Both OSHA and the EPA have limits in place to monitor exposure, but the use of passive monitors only report average concentrations over time and therefore cannot identify a specific event. Remediation sites can also contain hazardous chemicals that might be released under certain atmospheric conditions.

AMETEK MOCON’s continuous analyzers detect very low levels of numerous compounds, at multiple sample points, giving the user time to react and correct. The Baseline 9100 GC can be outfitted with a high-sensitivity photoionization detector to provide < 100ppt benzene detection without the need for pre-concentration. Many different custom analyses have been created by MOCON to detect fugitive emissions to monitor compounds such as acrylonitrile, naphthalene, styrene, 1,3-butadiene, formaldehyde, methyl ethyl ketone, and many others.

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