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Toxic Gas Leak Detection & Monitoring

Toxic Gas Leak Detection & Monitoring

Proactively Monitor for Dangerous Gas Leaks

The ability to react quickly to a potentially hazardous gaseous leak can save lives and money! Proactively monitor for fugitive ethylene oxide and other dangerous gas leaks before they are a hazard.

Whether the cause is human error, process problems, or compromised storage tanks, understanding the scope of the event can ensure rapid evacuation or process shutdowns and an effective emergency response. Accurate detection of toxic gasses around storage tanks and points of use is necessary to trigger alarms; alert response teams and mitigates the risk of a small leak becoming a large spill. Utilizing a combination of in-situ and portable gas detection devices is standard practice in any good gas detection program.

The VOC-TRAQ Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) detector is an inexpensive solution to monitor for non-explosive gas leaks actively using a Windows® based PC or by data logging over time by storing up to 36,000 sample readings. The VOC-TRAQ uses a piD-TECH eVx photoionization sensor to monitor vaporized gases in the range you require.

AMETEK MOCON’s Baseline 9100 GCs are used throughout the world for early warning leak detection of gases on account of their continuous, interference free, low level analysis of a facility’s compounds of interest. The Baseline 9100’s continuous unattended operation and automatic calibration capabilities allow the operator to monitor user defined points for the smallest leak. The analyzer can be programmed to notify or alarm depending upon the magnitude of the event.

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