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Q4 Permeation Products & Services Newsletter

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Quarter 4 | December 2022


Healthcare Packaging Manufacturers Get Creative on Supply Chain Issues

Between the lasting effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic and other global events, material supply chain disruptions continue to occur. In the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, where product packaging is subject to a high level of oversight, these supply chain shortages can be especially impactful.

The strict compliance standards set by government agencies means healthcare companies must follow stricter packaging validation than other industries. This makes changing suppliers or switching to a new material a long process of extensive testing and compliance paperwork. It's not enough just to show that the material itself meets requirements - the whole package must be tested to fully validate it. Because the forming of packages introduces additional leak points, the barrier properties of a flat material sample don't translate to the performance of the complete package. Certain production steps like heat-sealing, or chemical sterilization, can compromise the integrity of the material. And since healthcare products use a range of whole package types, from syringes to blister packs to pouches, it's important to have consistent and reliable methods for each.

Certain tools, like high-performance permeation analyzers, can help with material validation and provide the data companies need to show equivalency. In addition to the right instruments, AMETEK MOCON also offers customized testing services to help provide you with the supporting data you need to fortify material choices.

To learn more about our ISO 17025-certified Permeation Testing Lab, click the link below.



Full Range of Permeation Analyzers for Testing Packages

When developing new package types, it is critical to understand the gas barrier performance of the package. In the past, permeation testing of complete packages was challenging. MOCON now offers a range of solutions designed to make permeation testing of your complete packages simple, reliable and repeatable. To measure the OTR and WVTR, we over solutions to test in controlled conditions with the OX-TRAN 2/40 and AQUATRAN 3/40 as well as in ambient conditions in your lab with the OX-TRAN 2/48 and the PackRack Accessory for use with our film analyzers.

All of these analyzer solutions use our exclusive package testing cartridges that greatly simplify the mounting and clean up required to test complete packages. These simple to use cartridges are available for a wide range package types and many eliminate the need for epoxy to test your packages. From cups to pouches, blisters to trays, and even prefilled egress testing, these cartridges save time and offer repeatable results with little to no training.

With the growing trends for more sustainable packaging around the world, this family of package testing permeation analyzers allow owners to understand and improve their products and packaging while saving the environment.

The OX-TRAN 2/48 uses MOCON’s industry-standard COULOX sensor and complies with ASTM D3985 for OTR measurements.

Click the link below to learn more.


Our Capture Vessel Cartridge is Ready for Your Prefilled Medical Samples

Permeation testing typically involves the ingress of a test gas, such as oxygen or moisture, through a sample barrier material. However, many situations require the additional variable of gas egress, such as determining how long a carbonated drink will retain CO2 for freshness, the air egress of bladders used inside shoe soles, or the vapor barrier of a prefilled syringe. These examples require special setups and fixtures to verify the egress of a test gas.

MOCON has developed a special test cartridge for testing the egress of test gases: the Capture Vessel Cartridge, which is available in multiple sizes. These cartridges allow you to evaluate your prefilled sample’s barrier properties quickly and accurately. It’s also a non-destructive test, allowing you to reuse samples for further analysis.

The Capture Vessel Cartridge is ideal for testing medical products prefilled with liquid, such as a sealed syringe sample. Carrying out an egress test requires just a few simple steps: select the appropriate size cartridge, place the sample inside, and either place the cartridge into a MOCON package permeation analyzer, or on a PackRack connected to a film permeation analyzer. For very high barrier samples that may be below the detection range of the instrument, multiple samples can be placed inside the Cartridge to bring the total WVTR down to a measurable level. To obtain each sample’s WVTR value, simply divide the total by the number of samples.

For complete instructions on using and purchasing the Capture Vessel Cartridge, refer to our new Technical Note linked below.



Article: Permeation Accessory Spotlight - The Reduced Area Cartridge

Our newest TLA (Thought Leadership Article) series will feature some of our most popular Permeation accessories. This article covers our special Reduced Area Cartridge, which was developed to help aid labs in R&D of unknown materials. The smaller testing area helps ensure your sample won't over-range the instrument, and the cartridge doesn't damage your material, allowing it to be reused for further testing. To learn more, click the link below.

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