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Process Gas Analysis

Process Gas Analysis

Optimize Your Process Gas Analysis

Industry requires the analysis of gases used within production operations in order to limit impurities, avoid combustion, measure process efficiency, or guarantee a compound ratio. Depending upon the specific process, it could require sub-parts-per-billion measurement or percent level monitoring, but in all cases the need is for a continuous and accurate monitoring device that can operate unattended.

AMETEK MOCON provides analyzers for many process applications. The Baseline 9000 is utilized for total hydrocarbon or non-methane measurement for scrubber or reactor efficiency. The Baseline 9100 GC can be customized to detect specific compound combinations unique to a customer’s process and provides repeated and unattended analysis that can alert personnel or a PLC if conditions change. The MC3 has been used to monitor O2 during the packaging of ant traps. The MC9001 is essential for monitoring oxygen levels in reflow ovens and flushing processes.

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