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Reducing Package Tests for the Coffee Industry

Thursday, May 25, 2023

MultiCheck 2 Combines Headspace, Leak Tests for Elevated Experience

At AMETEK MOCON, we create unique solutions that make our customers’ work easier. Our new MultiCheck 2 was designed for the coffee industry to limit the number of destructive tests that are needed when running quality control on a product.

Traditionally, coffee producers have to run a headspace test and leak test separately to ensure their packaging is secure and doesn’t allow in too much oxygen. These tests are destructive, which means coffee producers have to use new material samples every time. The MultiCheck 2 combines a headspace gas analyzer and a leak detector in one unit so that the tests can be done quickly with one package. Coffee is packaged in expensive material, and by decreasing the number of destructive tests of the packaging, coffee producers can improve their testing process and get quality products to customers more quickly.

The Testing Process
Coffee is an important industry globally, and coffee drinkers take their morning cup very seriously. Excessive oxygen can make coffee more acidic and change the coffee’s composition, altering the aroma and taste. This means that not only is the packaging material itself important, but so is the quality control process and the integrity of the final formed package. Weak points and poor seals can allow in oxygen, resulting in staleness and even product spillage. If a coffee bag isn’t sound enough, coffee beans can also pierce the material. Our MultiCheck 2 ensures that the package is strong enough to keep the coffee fresh.

The process begins with the headspace test to measure the residual oxygen in the coffee package. The packaging will then be inflated with a certain amount of air pressure for the leak test to ensure there aren’t any gross leaks or channel minor leaks. Finally, the degassing valve on the coffee bag is cut out to test its functionality to determine whether it’s releasing gas when it should.

Smaller, More Robust Design
Our MultiCheck 2 has a smaller footprint with a faster response time than other models on the market and features a more robust design. Multiple products can be set up on the instrument. With our new model, we’ve eliminated any extra cords that tied multiple machines together with a computer. MultiCheck 2 combines all of these capabilities into one instrument with the ability to save the data.

Coffee producers also have the ability to log their test results on the instrument. All of the data stored in the system can be sent to a computer, where the coffee producer can access all the data readings with timestamps. This eliminates the need to rely on an operator to write down the numbers, which can lead to human error.

Fast Results and Trusted Support
Our new MultiCheck 2 was designed especially for coffee manufacturing facilities. The all-in-one design helps minimize system headaches, waiting for lab results, and production downtime. Coffee producers will also see their test results quickly and have our full support via email or phone if their instruments need calibration, repair or troubleshooting as part of our AMECARE Performance Services Program. Businesses can also send a sample to us to find out how well the MultiCheck 2 will work for them prior to purchase, which is just another way we lead the industry in customer support. The coffee industry needs solutions they can trust to work quickly, obtain accurate information and ensure their products exceed their customers’ expectations. For more information about how the MultiCheck 2 can work for your business, please get in touch with your sales representative today.