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Expanding Our AMECare® Performance Services Options

Monday, November 7, 2022

Calibration and Repair for Dansensor® Package Testing Instruments Now Available

As industry leaders in package testing instruments, we put our customers first to provide the best solutions for every application. Our AMECare® Performance Services Program has expanded to offer calibration and repair services for United States-based customers of our Dansensor® product line, including the best-selling Lippke® and CheckPoint® series.

This program provides a variety of service solutions designed to help maintain equipment and ensure peak performance throughout every instrument’s life cycle. AMECare for Dansensor instruments features customizable service solutions based on needs, budget, timeline or industry requirements. Our machines are built to last, so AMETEK MOCON customers can rest assured they have a long-
term partner in package testing, troubleshooting or any necessary maintenance.

Putting Our Customers First

Our AMECare Performance Services Program is designed from years of experience and feedback from our own technicians and customers. Not only do we build upon and improve our technology, we apply that same care to our service. We took the time to evaluate, simplify and upgrade our Performance Services Program offerings and now offer even more tailored solutions.

When turnaround time is the primary concern, our new AMECare Express option for current production models significantly reduces instrument downtime by streamlining minor repairs and expediting shipping, guaranteeing service in 3 business days. Our AMECare Economy option ensures customers with less flexible budgets receive quality maintenance and care across all instrument models. A prepaid option that includes a price discount is available for both Express and Economy plans. Our customers expect and deserve the best, and that is what we strive to provide.

Protecting Your Investment

Times are economically challenging, with inflation and rising costs adding up for many materials, products and industries. With our highly skilled service technicians, instruments are in expert hands, helping to reduce unexpected equipment downtime and ensuring reliable, consistent and accurate data. We know there’s no room for error in our customers' work, and reputations are too important to trust anyone else with repair services. Eliminating hidden costs and fees, providing on-site support for calibration, express repair options, operator training and startup services add to the growing list of ways we’re supporting our customers with their evolving needs.

By only using original replacement parts, running multi-point preventative inspection and working with NIST-traceable calibration tools, we can also ensure compliance with industry standards through our service program. A 90-day service warranty to ensure every new instrument is operating smoothly upon installation is just another key attribute that sets our industry-leading customer support apart.

When the world is unpredictable, relying on our team for calibration and repairs that meet your budgetary needs ensures instruments have the longest life cycle possible.

High-Quality Support from a Team of Experts

When businesses purchase an instrument from AMETEK MOCON, they get so much more than an industry-leading piece of equipment. Through our improved AMECare Performance Services program and with the help of our team of knowledgeable, helpful and efficient service technicians, customers get added support to optimize the longevity of their technology. Our technicians are here to ensure package testing operations are always running smoothly for customers who rely on specialized technology from AMETEK MOCON. To learn more or schedule your calibration services, get in touch with your local sales representative today.