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Standing the Test of Time

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

MOCON—Demonstrating our Value for Decades

Proven Track Record

You don’t build a reputation for quality and reliability in your industry overnight. For over 50 years and counting, AMETEK MOCON has been the leader in package and permeation testing, pioneering both the testing methods and instruments that run those tests, to meet your permeation measurement needs. Our reputation for reliable, quality instruments is why so many companies trust us.

We bring you industry-leading technology before anyone else, so that our instruments deliver consistent and accurate results to save you time and headaches. For example, we doubled testing capacity on our OX-TRAN 2/28 high-throughput instrument, increasing its capacity from two to four testing cells. Along with this, the next generation OX-TRAN 2/28 also utilizes our proven digital control systems, which takes away any operator variability, to provide better repeatability and accuracy. With our years of experience, making sensible improvements to become the industry standard means our instruments are built by professionals, for professionals.

In all barrier testing applications, consistency is key. Our customers refer to the “MOCON number” as their labs’ gold standard—from decades of proving the test results are accurate, repeatable, and trustworthy. Your instrument’s production journey is entirely in-house, where we design, test and build each component ourselves, from sensors to software, to uphold our strict quality standards. This extra attention to detail means your “MOCON number” stays your MOCON number test after test.

Return on Investment

We have over a half-century of experience under our belt, and we’ve earned our customers’ trust by developing quality instruments that provide accurate and consistent results reliably. This can be seen with many MOCON Permeation Analyzers still serving their customers, with a product lifespan over 20 years. When you choose an AMETEK MOCON instrument, you join our family, where keeping your lab up and running is our priority.

Our instruments are built to last and designed with industry-leading capabilities to meet our customers' demands. Our goal is to continue this tradition of consistent and accurate results, with a continuous focus on reducing your downtime. Our research and development (R&D) teams test each implementation, finding constraints long before it lands in your lab. Furthermore, if you ever have a question or issue with your instrument, our field technicians and customer care team are always available. Simply put, you get what you pay for with AMETEK MOCON, so why risk choosing the wrong tool for the job?

Commitment To Our Customers

We understand your testing needs change over time, and we are dedicated to working with new and existing customers to provide the right solutions for you. As a global company with vested interest in your success, we will help you find your perfect solution that optimizes efficiency, accuracy and repeatability for your lab.

Our next-generation products were launched in 2015, blending our superior design with advanced and helpful updates. They’re built with the same fundamentals as our legacy instruments, meaning you get our latest updated design with the same reliability and accuracy you have come to trust. These new instruments provide higher throughput with less preparation and labor than traditional testing techniques, which translates to ease of use and reduced testing times.

Our goal is to develop the best instruments in the industry, shown in their widespread durability and longevity. And for the lifecycle of each instrument, our team of sales and service staff can help keep you moving, wherever you are in the world. When it comes to permeation, our focus is on our customers. That’s why each MOCON instrument is made for you.