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Exploring Opportunities in Sustainable Packaging

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

How AMETEK MOCON Supports Customers With This Growing Trend

When it comes to consumer demands, two things top the list: clean label ingredients and green packaging. And the calls for both are getting louder. Whether fueled by social trends, internal marketing efforts or industry incentives to “go green,” direct-to-consumer product manufacturers are under pressure to find new packaging solutions. While sustainability efforts continue to appear in nearly every aspect of our lives, it’s clear businesses need to have a hand in creating a greener future for our world. But how do they get there?

Opportunities for Customers

Investing resources to create more sustainable packaging not only shows your consumers that you’re listening, but it displays your company’s values of innovating for the greater good. Right now, the food and beverage industry is extremely focused on this emerging push for more sustainable materials. In terms of creating any new packaging, there are crucial steps to be taken in the research and development process to ensure you’re finding the correct balance between making the right decision for the environment, compatibility with the current manufacturing infrastructure and maintaining the integrity of your product. Once a barrier material is developed or selected, it needs to be continually tested to verify its barrier properties are consistent and reproducible for production. Some of these new barriers and materials require a different approach and can be challenging to test. For example, coated paper barrier properties may change with fluctuating humidity conditions and will require special testing methods. Finally, it is important to recognize the need for whole package testing to meet shelf life demands. That’s where our instruments, experience and support come in.

How AMETEK MOCON Offers Support

Our permeation analyzers measure the oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor transmissibility of a film or package to ensure it will meet your requirements. Depending on your specific needs, our instruments comply with a variety of standardized test methods and methodologies. We have also created unique permeation cartridges for multiple applications, such as coated paper testing using Edge Effect cartridges, to provide increased repeatability, throughput and more accurate test results. Increasing your testing throughput will save your company time, helping you become more efficient and streamline your business. 

Coated paper in particular is one of the most popular materials in the push for sustainable packaging. Paper-based structures provide packaging barriers for multiple applications, from frozen meats to beverage cartons to hygiene products. 

The challenge is paper as a barrier is inherently porous. However, when a thin coating is applied, it can withstand a higher degree of moisture and an increased oxygen barrier along with resistance to oil and grease while remaining easily recyclable. Not only can we assist with testing the barrier material properties -- including potential weak spots such as the seals, corners, and creases -- but we can help you test the entire package to ensure the product contents remain fresh.

The Future of Sustainable Packaging

For more than 50 years, we have provided our customers the tools for film and package testing reliability and accuracy, but our support doesn’t stop at our instruments. Through webinars, user guides, training materials and local customer support, we are the unseen partner for this innovation towards sustainability in packaging.

We are keeping on top of sustainable package trends, such as paper-based structures, plant-based materials, starches, cellulose, green polymers, recyclable plastics and resins, all of which have improved in the past few years as this push for sustainability gains momentum. While these sustainability initiatives are driving innovation and presenting new opportunities in the food and beverage industry, over time, more industries will begin to reevaluate their current standards around packaging.

AMETEK MOCON has a proven track record and long history in our industry, and we are the trusted experts in water vapor and gas permeation analysis. With our technology to meet 

new demands and our local and reliable service and support, we can help our customers achieve more efficient testing processes and more accurate and repeatable results when evaluating new, more sustainable packaging. Your package is your reputation, and you can trust our products to deliver results that help you and your brand move forward towards a greener future.


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