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Advancing the Butter Testing Process

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Quick, Accurate Results with ProSpect®

The butter industry faces a unique set of challenges, and we've been developing instruments to help solve those problems for the last 15 years. Manufacturers walk a tricky line between maintaining the legally required fat percentage (usually 80% in the United States), and preventing product "give-away" resulting from imprecise measurement. Businesses in the dairy industry need modern solutions they can trust to provide efficiency and high-quality products.

In the past, butter fat content could be above or below the desired amount. By only measuring fat content in a lab, processors oftentimes ran processes a few percentage points above the required amount. However, with technology advances like ProSpect In-Line Dairy Analyzers, manufacturers are able to accurately measure and control fat in real-time. This can result in saving 1-2% or more of fat, a huger cost-saving for butter makers. Our. In addition, better control leads to more consistent, higher quality, and better tasting product.

ProSpect prod update 1True Transmission Leads to More Accurate Results

True transmission NIR Spectroscopy is at the heart of the ProSpect In-Line Dairy Analyzers. The analyzers transmit light through a fiber optic cable and directly through a measurement cell as butter is passing through. Other technologies, such as those that rely on light reflection, can be less accurate due to an inconsistent product flow speed.

NIR Spectroscopy provides an accurate account of the entire diameter of your sample. With good calibration, our instruments provide customers analytical results for fat, moisture, salt, and solids-non-fat (SNP) in the butter, so they can tell if a product is manufactured to proper levels. Our true transmission through the product gives customers a better result, and more accurate results means higher quality product and less wasted material.

The analytical results are displayed on the instrument’s onboard computer, letting you view results in real time without leaving the production area. We’ve also designed the ProSpect so that it can be cleaned in place (CIP), simplifying your process significantly.

ProSpect Provides Results in Real TimeProSpect prod update 2

ProSpect In-line dairy analyzers continuously measure key constituents, reducing manual testing needs and time spent waiting for lab results. The ProSpect was designed to work in tandem with necessary lab testing, which is used for quality control and to provide input for calibrations. Through many years and instrument installations, we have seen very stable correlation between lab results and the ProSpect real-time measurements.

With ProSpect, you’ll receive measurements in in less than a minute via the onboard computer, which simultaneously sends data to the plant management system. The complete ProSpect system includes a control panel with an integrated computer, fiber optic cables, and measurement cells. It can also provide outputs for alarms and control.

Your return on investment is important, and we can help to calculate the ROI based on the current price of butter and their production rate. The cost savings our customers see can pay for the ProSpect’s cost within months. Our instrument lasts decades and can run 24/7. The cows don’t stop so our instruments don’t either!

Results Customers Can Trust

At AMETEK MOCON, we understand the unique needs of the butter industry and work with our customers to create products that address those needs. Our ProSpect In-Line Dairy Analyzers give manufacturers a seamless testing experience by adjusting their product based on results provided in real time, giving them better quality butter and cost savings.

For more information about how ProSpect can work for your business, please click here to view the product page or contact your local sales representative today.