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Ensuring Proper Gas Monitoring

Monday, August 8, 2022

How AMETEK MOCON piD-TECH Sensors Help Ensure Safe Working Environments

There are many jobs and industries where essential workers risk their health and safety each day to serve others. At AMETEK MOCON we create technology that helps facilities ensure their workers are not at risk from dangerous levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Importance of Worker Health & Safety

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In the industrial market, the accuracy of sensor technology is critical. A variety of VOCs, such as benzene, pose a threat to workers in at-risk work environments like petrochemical refineries and mines. Although exposure to high levels of some VOCs can quickly become deadly, the primary concern is the negative health effects of long-term exposure. Instrument manufacturers need a sensor they can trust to provide accurate results that allow them to protect the health of their employees.

AMETEK MOCON Is Up to The Challenge

AMETEK MOCON Baseline sensors were the first small, accurate and wearable piD sensors for use in the health and safety market. We continue to be the sensor of choice by leading OEMs. Small and discrete, these sensors are designed to be worn for optimal safety monitoring, and will alert a user if hazardous levels of VOCs are detected.

piD-TECH Product Family

Our sensors provide reliable and accurate readings through changing temperatures and humidity, ensuring workers can focus on their essential roles instead of worrying about their safety. Crucially, AMETEK MOCON piD-TECH sensors are intrinsically safe, making them an ideal choice for instruments used in explosive environments. Unlike other piD sensor options, all required IS circuit protection for the sensor is included the design of AMETEK MOCON piD-TECH sensors.

Reliable and Long-Term Partnership

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AMETEK MOCON has more than 25 years of experience in VOC sensing, giving us the expertise to work with your engineering team to find the right solution for your unique needs. When it comes to health and safety in industrial markets, we are a long-term partner for your accurate sensing solutions.