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The AMETEK MOCON Difference: Permeation Tests

Monday, September 13, 2021

The AMETEK MOCON Difference in Barrier Material Permeation Testing:
Precise Results, Proven Performance, Best-in-Class Support

Trusted by many of the world’s largest brands to ensure the quality of their products, MOCON is synonymous with permeation around the globe. From shelf stable snack foods to critically important pharmaceutical products, we have been trusted for over 50 years to provide the right transmission rate number that protects the reputation of our customers by ensuring the health and safety of theirs.

Why Choose a MOCON Permeation Analyzer for Barrier Material OTR/WVTR Testing?

While permeation might play a small role in the total QC or R&D process of your packages, the implications of an inaccurate test result can be tantamount to going back to the drawing board with a new package design or an expensive product recall.

MOCON’s permeation customers represent the largest install base of permeation instrument users globally because our results can be trusted. Confident they are working with the premier industry expert, many of our customers work directly with us to develop new technologies to meet their needs.

MOCON differentiates itself as the leader in permeation by providing the most precise test results, demonstrating proven performance of our instruments, and offering de jure best in class support that meets our customers’ needs regardless of where they are and what they need done.

Precise Results

It is no small task to measure gas particles at Parts Per Billion (PPB) levels both accurately and repeatably. However, MOCON offers the most accurate transmission rate results across the full range of barrier types and levels. Whether the measurement is OTR, WVTR or CO2TR, our instruments provide the confidence of accurate results across hundreds of produced analyzers.

Without sacrificing precision for performance, our industry standard modulated IR and Coulox® sensors are the basis for many international testing standards. These long-lasting sensors provide results in less time than competing sensors, reducing test time, and increasing throughput. Additionally, MOCON’s sensor warranty goes beyond just a replacement by offering the confidence of accurate and reliable results throughout the life of your sensor.

Proven Performance

With more than half a century of proven experience, MOCON has incepted and pioneered innovation within permeation technology, continuing to blaze new trails with products that respond to the emergent needs of both served industries and our customers. From complete package testing to new solutions for high throughput testing, MOCON permeation instruments have been developed to provide the results to stay ahead of your competition.

MOCON Permeation Analyzers are built to last, and with a product lifespan of up to 30 years, our instruments are long-standing laboratory fixtures that outlast and outperform comparable devices.

Best-in-Class Support

As the foremost experts in permeation, MOCON’s extensive knowledge extends to best-in-class sales and service support across the globe. When you purchase a MOCON Permeation Analyzer, regardless of your location, your support and service professionals are local to you and officially trained and certified on each instrument we sell.

If your needs extend to more complex testing applications or overflow, MOCON has the world’s largest certified permeation testing lab with experts on-site to work directly with you to answer your questions or collaborate to develop new methods to best meet your unique needs.

MOCON Makes a Difference

Whether you are purchasing an OX-TRAN ®, AQUATRAN ®, or PERMATRAN ® instrument, choosing MOCON means selecting the highest-quality and most accurate product on the market. With repeatable results and service that goes beyond expectations, you have the surety that your brand reputation is safe.

If you are interested in more information regarding permeation instruments, we recommend checking out our OTR Family Brochure and WVTR Family Brochure to better understand our product offerings and the benefits they can provide to your business.