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Ensure Safe & High Quality Healthcare Packaging

Developing new medical devices and pharmaceuticals is expensive and you cannot afford to let your packaging delay the release of your medical product. Your challenge in medical packaging design is to ensure these packages have sound integrity and the product you are packaging has the appropriate shelf life. Going from healthcare packaging R&D to production, you need to ensure your packaging raw materials are of high quality and your finished package meets specifications after converting.

At AMETEK MOCON, we offer package testing services and instrumentation to ensure your packaging works from R&D to production. Our package leak and burst detectors are used routinely for USP 1207 package integrity testing compliance. Our Applications Specialists can help you with setting up Test Method Validations and Standard Operating Procedures.

Have unique or special packages?
We have applied our decades of expertise to design customized accessories to work with your unique materials and packages so that you can get your products to market fast. For instance, we have created custom cartridges to analyze the oxygen ingress through contact lenses, so that their breathability can be quality controlled.
Need MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)?
When you’re ready to produce your packaged medical product, we also offer a range of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) QA/QC tools, for your products that require a modified atmosphere. Our instruments have the compliance and our experts have the knowledge to get your medical devices and packaging to specification.

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