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Packaging QA/QC Applications

Packaging QA/QC Applications

Create High Quality Packaging Systems

Packaging is the most important factor in protecting goods from damage. QA/QC helps ensure that your packaging is up to standard and that your products are appropriately protected.  Quality control (QC) is product-oriented and focuses on defect detection, while quality assurance (QA) is process-oriented and focuses on defect prevention.

Common QA/QC issues that challenge manufacturers can include:

  • Customer Demands
    • Shelf Life
    • Convenience Features
    • High-Quality Graphics
    • New Shapes & Sizes
  • Rising Costs of Raw Materials

Packaging designs are evolving rapidly to keep up with the innovations in the products they protect. With the drive towards new innovative packaging technologies, sustainable packaging, resealability, and light-weighting, there are high demands on package quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC). You need QA/QC tools that keep up with the pace of new packaging.

Here at AMETEK MOCON our high precision package testing instruments coupled with our product and applications experts provide you the packaging system QA/QC you need. Being an industry leader in whole package permeability testing, package integrity and leak detection, headspace gas monitoring and control, we have the up-to-date QA/QC tools to ensure your package systems work.

We have worked with consumer product groups, food companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and more, to monitor the quality of finished packages. From breathable to ultra-high barrier packaging, to package closures, and package components, we have the experts and the instruments to bring QA/QC to your packaging lines.

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