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  • Highest performance instruments in their fields (e.g. superior sensitivity, fastest response, most rugged, most accurate and precise)
  • Compliant with industry standards
  • In the fields that we serve, MOCON, Dansensor and Baseline products are typically deemed to represent the Primary Standard or Industry Standard by which companies evaluate packages, barrier films, and gases.  We don’t just meet the standards, we set the standards.
  • Security – peace of mind – part of large global multi-billion $ establishment
  • Trusted by more customers (i.e. largest installed base) than the rest of the competition combined
  • Local service – Higher uptime, AmeCare industry-leading service programs
  • Quality – lowest MTBF, durable components and sensors
  • Deep Subject-Matter Expertise - 100s of years of combined employee experience in customer markets allows best practices, training, commissioning and testing protocols to be passed on to our customers
  • Customization – fit-for-purpose products, adapted to suit customer’s ever-demanding applications
  • Customer-centric organization – from making innovative new products to creating custom testing accessories to suit specific applications, AMETEK MOCON provides the solutions markets need